Lomorage - Save the moments, enjoy the memories

We build Lomorage with love of the family, and we care about privacy, we are the users of Lomorage, and we constantly improve it with user’s feedback.

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1. Pain points

  1. So many photos in Phone, how to backup?
  2. Don’t have time to clean up the photo, the backup on hard drive is everywhere with duplicates?
  3. Getting used to take screenshot for documents, but can’t find it via text search?
  4. Can’t wait for the video loading from cloud?
  5. Worry about hard drive broken or lost photo on cloud?
  6. Worry about leaking privacy?
  7. Worry about photo/video quality degradation on cloud?
  8. Worry about cloud service shutdown?

2. Features

  • Backup photo on smart phone.
  • Incremental backup, fast and reliable.
  • Resumable backup, you can upload large video more reliably.
  • Support live photo, slow motion, raw DNG format and other popular media formats.
  • Save original file, no quality degradation, no metadata lost.
  • Photo/Video deduplicate。
  • Similarity check, you can choose to save the best one with multiple shoots。
  • Access photos seamlessly on multiple device with one account.
  • Isolated accounts for family members, keep your privacy.
  • Save secrets with encryption. (coming soon)
  • Sharing tons of photos without worry about phone storage.
  • No need to save photo locally to share in social network.
  • Easy access when you switching phone with different OS.
  • Export backup to Phone。
  • Offline mode so you can browser photos even without connectivity.
  • Search by location, date time, text in photo.
  • History of today, never buries the memories in hard drive.
  • Tagging and create album. (coming soon)
  • Redundancy backup, lower the risk of losing data.
  • Import photo from hard drive, SD card etc.
  • No rate limit, no account number limitation, no vendor lock in.
  • Hard drive plug and play, no reformat required.

For more information, check here

3. Lomorage Photos

Lomorage mini:tiny and energy efficient

lomorage-mini lomorage-setup

local search backup settings

Lomorage Web APP:Drag and drop to import photos on SD card, hard drive

web-upload web-gallery

4. FAQ

  1. What can it do besides photo backup and management? Lomorage is focus on photo backup and management and our current goal is to make it easy to use, stable and reliable. But we are using a customized open Linux platform, so if you need some of those features on expensive NAS, you should be able to install the alternatives, for example you can install Transmission for downloading, and Jellyfin for media center, samba share is enabled by default for backup other files.

  2. What is the size of storage? Lomorage relies on external storage and supports all types of hard drive and flash disk.

  3. Can it connected with multiple hard drives? Yes, but you need powered USB hub to support multiple hard drives.

  4. Can I use spare hard drive? Yes, you don’t need reformat the disk to use Lomorage, and it supports all major file systems(FAT32, NTFS, EXT etc).

  5. Does it support hard drive sleep? Yes, once no activity on hard drive, it goes to sleep mode automatically, and will wake up once you access the hard drive。

  6. Does it support redundancy backup? Yes, you can use powered USB hub to connect the secondary hard drive and set it as redundancy backup.

  7. How to install? Connect hard drive via USB, connect ethernet, power on, and download Lomorage APP.

  8. Any other fees? No.

  9. How to view the backup photos? You can use Lomorage APP on iOS or Android, or you can use the Web APP, or you can access via samba, or even access the hard drive directly. We also have Android TV APP.

  10. Does it support remote access? Yes, you can use 3rd party reverse proxy tunnel service(like ngrok), or you can set port mapping on router.

5. Specs

Mini Edition

Operation System Linux
CPU H2 Quad-core Cortex-A7 1.2GHZ
Memory 512MB DDR3 SDRAM
USB Port USB2.0
Network 10/100M Ethernet RJ45
Size 56 x 51 x 32mm

Standard Edition

Operation System Linux
CPU H2 Quad-core Cortex-A72 1.5GHz
Memory 2GB LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM
USB Port USB3.0
Network 100/1000M Ethernet RJ45
Size 97 x 70 x 25mm

6. Installation

  1. Connected hard drive via USB.
  2. Connected ethernet then power on.
  3. Download Lomorage APP on smart phone and start to use
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